A Mosaic in the Making

    TOS Homeschool Crew Member

    Nicki Black  June 19 2010 01:06:19 AM
    I am THRILLED and so excited to have been selected as a 2010-2011 member of the TOS Homeschool Crew! As a member on this very special voyage, I will be writing reviews on a wide variety of homeschool materials that we will be testing in our own homeschool over the coming year. This year the Crew is split up into 2 groups - younger and older. I am on the older crew, for grades 7-12. I will be joining 99 other homeschooling families from around the world. I am thankful and ready to set sail! Yay!

    And as soon as I clear off enough room on my macbook's scratch disk, I will upload the logo for the TOS Crew! Guess what I'm doing this weekend?

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