A Mosaic in the Making


Nicki Black  June 16 2010 02:17:17 AM
Written 9/6/2008

DH astutely noted last night around 1 AM, that perhaps it would have been a good idea to switch school from Friday to Saturday this week, so Friday could have been spent on yard work while the weather was still nice, affixing the shed door, and getting ready for (now) tropical storm Hanna. I had personally gotten ready to go outside around 11 PM, in my pajamas no less, remembering that DS's toys and water table were left in the yard. I didn't want them to end up down the block due to any possible wind gusts during the night. Stepping onto the porch, I saw it was raining so I immediately turned tail back into the house and asked if DH would be willing to "run out and pick up the couple of toys". Being the incredibly wonderful husband that he is, he and DD paused their Axis and Allies game and headed out to the back. When they still hadn't come in after 30 minutes, I looked out the back window and spied DH digging a trench by the shed door, donned with a miner's camping light on his forehead, covered in mud, soaked to his socks. DD, with a little plastic lantern in hand, was retrieving wood from the scrap pile, stacking it alongside the shed. They looked like 2 busy lightening bugs. Apparently I had forgotten that DH often sees something that needs to be done and does it, despite whatever is going on around him, such as the eye of a hurricane - literally - in this case. I watched for a short while and then retired to the den, where I fell asleep. Some time later, I was startled awake by DH dripping in the foyer, looking like he had just won first prize in the mud rodeo. Saturday school would have been welcome, indeed.