A Mosaic in the Making

    Mr. Potato Head

    Nicki Black  June 21 2010 12:32:44 PM
    Image:Mr. Potato Head

    Today I'm feeling like this Mr. Potato Head. It's my little guy's first attempt at putting one together, and I think he did a stellar job - even if he had no idea this was a portrait of his ol' Mom. Sometimes I actually put my shoes on the wrong feet, especially if I'm trying to quickly slide on flip flops as I'm running out the door. In general, I always feel like I'm both coming and going. And as I think I'm moving forward, I always seem to have a little someone grabbing for my hand behind me. That, and I have been known to play a lively game of twister with my own head as I get my dangle earrings caught up in my scarf. I admit, the next time I'm at the mall (like never), I need to take my glasses in to be adjusted. My ears are pointed north and south, no doubt to hear all those pesky voices in my head. My eyes feel exactly like Mr. here at this very minute, and could use some much-needed sleep. My teeth aren't this white because I'm afraid to try those white strip things for fear they're going to make my teeth so sensitive that I'll never be able to chew on tin foil again. I did have braces twice - once in youth, and the other as a adult - and I kinda feel like the second time they messed up and my teeth are not as straight as I'd like them. The mustache. *fingers in ears* I'll pretend I didn't hear that. And the green hat. Well, that's probably just the green science experiments leftovers in the fridge he sees everyday rifling around for his juice cup.

    For real.

    1Brooke  06/22/2010 8:07:02 AM  Mr. Potato Head

    You are a hoot! So creative!!