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    Nicki Black  November 19 2010 04:23:27 PM
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    Where to find KB Teachers?
    www.kbteachers.com - Check them out!

    Cost of service:
    $29.00 / year, or
    $49 / 2 years
    Also available: 10 Day Unlimited Free Trial! (Details here)

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    Want to see what my fellow TOS Crew members thought about KB Teachers?


    Image:KB Teachers

    KB Teachers is an online educational resource for teaching materials, particularly worksheets, geared toward both the homeschooling and institutional teaching genres, for the elementary - high school age range. KB Teachers also has a premium monthly newsletter for members delivered via email straight to your inbox, which is full of additional material and parent tips.

    First, what I thoroughly enjoyed about the newsletter is the seasonal features. For example, November's issue has great information about Thanksgiving, pilgrims, Native Americans, Veterans Day, Robert Louis Stevenson, Monet (and more), and it also included coloring pages, and over 19 themed worksheets and printable activities for the kiddos. What fun! KB Teachers makes my job that much easier because all of this comes to *me* in these golden monthly nuggets, versus taking a few hours or more locating it all elsewhere on the web, or at the library. This is a *huge* time-saver, and one I appreciate to the nth degree, as busy as I am both in and out of the classroom. This same seasonal feature is also online, under the "For This Season" heading.

    Here are the worksheet subjects found on the KB Teachers website:

    Alphabet Factory
    Learning Cursive
    Grammar / Writing
    Math with Images
    Counting Money
    Multiplication Makers
    Division Practice
    Telling Time
    Themed Math
    Classic Math
    Weather / Climate
    Human Anatomy
    Marine Biology
    Plants & Microbiology
    The Four Seasons
    Visual Arts / Crafts
    Mixed Basic Skills

    All told, there are literally thousands of worksheets available!

    The worksheets were extremely user-friendly to utilize. I particularly found the math worksheets nice, as it was simple to generate new number sequences and equations in which to print over and over again. Using them hand-in-hand with our math curriculum, the worksheets provided a treasure trove of different scenarios to fill in the blanks in our text. My middle school DD also really liked the different mapping and microbiology worksheets, and downloading them was equally easy for her to complete, as well.

    To access the worksheets, all the user has to do is view them in their web browser, click "print", and viola'! There weren't hoops to jump through or annoying pop-up windows (which on other worksheet websites seem to multiply exponentially and clunk up my desktop). No blinky blinky graphics, either. Speaking of graphics, the site has a large clip art gallery that you can browse and download individual graphics for your own purposes. The library contains over 600 images, spanning seasons, holidays, and more.

    If you're on the fence whether or not you want to commit to a long-term 1 or 2 year membership, KB Teachers also has a 10-day FREE trial. Additionally, if you sign up with a credit card you are given a 30-day money back guarantee.  In a word, I think KB Teachers is a reasonably-priced, excellent teaching resource.

    Happy Homeschooling!

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